The 2013 CMRC Atlantic Spring Series’ championships were decided on July 21st in Riverglade, New Brunswick. Riverglade MX Park took the place of the scheduled Mudrooters PEI round after unforeseen circumstances caused the track to close its doors for the season, much to the disappointment of most riders in the Atlantic Region. Luckily the Riverglade staff stepped up and made an awesome race weekend for the last round of the spring series. We loaded up the bikes and headed to the track on Friday afternoon to get things all set up for the weekend as the track crew decided to  allow Saturday for an open practice.

After a very long winter here on the east coast the first few rounds of our 2013 race season are in the books and we could not have asked for a better turn out or better weather for this early in the season. Round one of our season was held at Riverglade MX Park and got the 2013 MX season off with a bang. Friday morning I finished loading up my trailer and hit the road for the Glade, besides the awful head wind driving was great. On route we met up with most of the team and convoyed to the track. When we finally got to the track we set up the pit area and had a chance to see all the teams new bikes, banners, and colours put all together for the first time, it was very satisfying as a team owner to see it all come together. As all the racers rolled in it was great to see everyone back at the races for the start of another season.  Practice got underway on time and the track was PRIME. The Riverglade crew laid down a good amount of water the night before and it made for some awesome ruts in the corners and great traction everywhere. There was battles in just about every class and the fans got a show being able to see the newly mounted Red Bull KTM Rider Tyler Medaglia tear up the track on his new bike. My Wide Open Racing team started the season off strong with everyone finishing among the top of their respected classes. I want to congratulate them as everyone rode awesome!  All in all it was a great day of racing and all the riders left looking forward to the next Riverglade round on June 8th.

So what has been happening lately you ask? Normal stuff for the avid dirt biker I guess.  

One of the more notable events was that I got stuck with my fifth wheel on my way back from riding in Michigan.

 I thought finishing our family vacation with a race would be a good idea; the Anthill Classic was right on our way home. I had no idea what this race was like and assumed my big rig would fit the event. On a dry day, I think I would have made it to the parking area… 

Cette année pour la première ronde fmsq a Franklin nous avons été très choyés coté température. 26 dégrées sous un soleil de ‘’juillet’’ début mai, c’est de la chance pas à peu près considérant les conditions qui peuvent être très mauvaises en ce temps de l’année. Beaucoup se souviennent de la première édition sous un déluge de pluie, la plupart des coureurs paient encore leur factures de freins, chaines, discs et pneus qui date de deux ans… Pas le cas cette année, c’était sec et chaud.

This year for the first FMSQ round in Franklin we were very fortunate as far as the weather goes. It was 26 degrees under a July-like sun in early May, this is great luck considering that conditions can be very bad this time of the year. Many remember that the first round from two years ago was under a deluge of rain; some riders are still paying off their bills from that race - brakes, chains, discs and tires were all shot to pieces LOL ... not the case this year, it was warm and dry.

These past few weeks were rather slow. The cold weather this spring has not allowed us to do more than a few outings at the mx track. I continued preparing the TE300 for six days. All that remains for me to do is suspension testing and breaking it in. I’m waiting for conditions to be perfect, since I'm not inclined to dump my beautiful new bike in the spring mud before leaving for Italy.

Juste une petite mise à jour des dernières semaines. La température plutôt froide en ce début de printemps nous a pas permis de faire bien plus que quelques sortis de mx a Sanair.  J’ai continué la préparation du TE300 pour les six jours. Il me reste qu’à faire des tests de suspension et le rodage. J’attends que les conditions soit parfaites, question de pas ‘’saucer’’ mon beau bike neuf dans la boue avant le départ pour l’Italie.

Cette fin de semaine plutôt froide en Pennsylvanie est mitigée en tant que résultats pour l’équipe Tremblay.  Six pilotes on fait le voyage dans le ‘’bus’’ express de Richard. Seul deux terminent la course…

This weekend was rather cold in Pennsylvania and provided mixed results for team Tremblay. Six riders made the trip on the now called ‘’Richard’s crazy bus’’ RV. Only two finished the race...

Well it's been a while since I have done up a blog, I hope everybody has had a good winter. During the off season for MX riding it is hard to think of things besides the obvious AMA Supercross/Arenacross, going to Florida, and the ever large preseason bills that seem to keep piling up. So I am writing this blog to talk about something that all riders, especially the up and coming riders, can learn from. I am going to talk about one of the most important, yet usually overlooked, aspects of our sport, sponsorship.

Bonjour, bienvenue à mon premier blog dans Inside motox.   Pour ceux qui ne me connaissent pas je suis membre de l’équipe canadienne d’enduro depuis 2011 (Finlande 2011, Allemagne 2012) et coureur régulier à la fmsq catégorie vet. expert. Père de famille de 3 dont toute la famille pratique la moto hors route...  Kathia (maman), Charles 13, Andrew 16 et Catherine 10.  

Hello, welcome to my first blog in Inside MotoX & Off Road. For those who do not know me I have been a member of the Canadian ISDE enduro team since 2011 (Finland 2011, Germany 2012) and a regular Vet Expert FMSQ racer. I am also a father of three and our whole family of five race and ride off-road motorcycles, Kathia (mom), Charles 13, Andrew 16 and Catherine 10.

Well the 2012 Atlantic Region race season has come to a close. The last two rounds of the series proved to be tough ones, with mother nature opening the skies up after one of our hottest driest summers in history. Mt. Thom MX had its debut round in the Atlantic points series and proved it is one of the best and most fun tracks to ever join the series. The long up hills and big floating jumps made for some excellent racing in all of the classes. The rain came the night before ,which made practice and the first set of motos a little wet, but by the end of the day the track was dialled.

So the 60th Anniversary of the Cord is coming up, and I thought it would be fun to collect some Cord stories. Nic Snyckers is a Metro Toronto Police officer and a first time Cord racer. I’ve been lucky enough to know Nic for the last two years and realize he is one tough guy, and that the TPS are lucky to have him. When I put the call out for Cord stories, his was the very first that hit my inbox!

Sept.2, 2012 took the Atlantic Region to Strangs MX Park in Port Elgin NB. My fiancée Nichole and I decided to take advantage of some time off and headed for the track at lunch time on Friday. We were not the only racers that decided to take advantage of the long weekend and nice weather, while on route we hooked up with one of my team riders Logan Gallant and his buddy Justin Mackinnon and started the racer convoy to Strangs MX Park.

More from Bettie and the Canadian Invasion, including injury updates on Amber Giroux and Patrick Tremblay. FYI - Tori broke Top 10 yesterday, she's going to have a long run further in, but the ISDE is a war of attrition, and the last three days are the hardest. - IMX

Bettie De Vries is over in Germany with our boys and girls, watching the action and sharing her experiences on the Team Canada ISDE Facebook page. She's been kind enough to let IMX cross post her comments, so keep checking back here for our "Guest Mini Blogger" Bettie! - IMX

This past weekend I was at the 59th running of the Corduroy Enduro, in Gooderham, Ontario. It bills itself as the toughest race in Canada, and while that might be up for debate (those hurtin’ Albertans know how to make ‘em rough too!) it is certainly in serious contention for the title. It’s especially difficult when you get the kind of rain we had during the week and right through to the weekend. Rocks that are normally grippy when dry become greasy and slippery with mud.

So, I’m sorry first off that it has taken me this long to get this posted. Layne, this apology is for you! I told you Sunday at the Codrington round of the OO XCs that I’d put a post up for you, about the awesome way you stopped to help a Mini Junior rider (Devyn Marshall, one of the youngest riders on the course) who was having problems on a particularly rough section of trail. It was the last cross country of the year, and I missed accepting my award and giving my speech because I was out on the trails taking pictures.

Tales from Derek Rockel and the ISDE

Well, the pits opened today and things started to ramp up for the first day of the International 6 Day Enduro for Team Canada. But, before getting into today, I wanted to reflect on the events from yesterday.

Almeda Rive and I flew into Hamburg to pick up the bikes at the port. Once the bikes were picked up, we went to customs to get the bikes cleared to enter the country, while doing that the German customs agent asked if we were here to race, I responded, “Yes, we are here representing Team Canada.” To which he responded, “Well is there a Team Germany?” I responded, “Yes there is.”  He stamped our documents and said, “all the best in finishing second.”

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