And it Begins!

on Monday, 16 April 2012 18:31

                So, the Supercross season down south is pretty much wrapped up - Villopoto sealed the deal in Huston and Barcia secured the Lites East title this past weekend. The Lites West title hasn`t been secured, but with the snow in much of Canada gone, the season is starting to heat up north of the 49th parallel.

                So, it is now official - The Season is Here.

                Ladies, and gentlemen, start your engines.

                The Ontario CMRC season kicked off Sunday with the ANQ (Amateur National Qualifier) at Gopher Dunes, in Courtland. Tyler Medaglia and Kyle Keast banged bars in the Battle of Ontario (not like the Leafs and Sens, in this case BOTH riders are very talented), with each taking a win. It'll be interesting how Keast fares against Medaglia at home, and how Medaglia fares against former teammates and one-two KTM punches Colton Facciotti and Dusty Klatt.

                Word even has it that Jocelyn Facciotti will be coming back to the races this year, challenging the Eastern Women's championship. That's not to say in the West Denaye Giroux won't have any challenges; former two title holder Shelby Turner, who won the western Women's Enduro AND Moto Championships in 2010, will be returning and ready to rock it.

                I'm excited for the season to start, and can't wait to get out and race, and watch some good racing.

                See you there!

- SuzieQ

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