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Phactory Phil

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            In 2010 a little known young rider with little exposure outside of his home province of Quebec burst onto the national series, competing in the E1 class aboard his #66 bike. Philippe Chaine is a fast, determined 21 year old rider out of Quebec, and under the tutelage of the most famous Quebec off roader, none other than the top pimp Guy Giroux, he's hoping to go just about as far as he possibly can.

Roud1_18            "When I look at him and Sam (Rousseau) I see so much potential," says Giroux, the team Captain of the newly formed Eight-0-One group.

            Guy was kind enough to help with this interview; Phil's English is getting better but this still took a little while to put together.

1) How is your back?

            Five months after my injury I'm about 90% healed up. I still have pain after going to the gym or after I play hockey, but there is nothing really that stops me from doing stuff these days.

2) When do you think you will be back on a bike? What do the doctors have to say?

            I think I can get back on the bike in March. The doctors once my muscles get back to where they were there should be no problem. All the screws were well taken, as weird as that sounds. They did warn me that I might have pain for a year or so, at least. I do still feel pain every now and then.
3) Do you have any plans for next summer? 

            I want to win the E1 title! I was close, so close! I'd also like to win the FMSQ championship and maybe do a couple GNCCs.

4) You were doing very good in the Nationals and at Quebec (CMRC). How happy were you with the way you rode out west this year?

            I was definitely happier with the 2011 season compared to the 2010 one. I had a lot more support this year too. I'd IMGP1913really like to get top ten in every race this year at the nationals, but it's really hard to do for us out west; there just isn't anything like the mountains they have out there.

5) Guy said he was going to get you and Sam English lessons, how are they coming? 

            Well, I haven't got any yet. I'm learning English by watching Supercross each week on Speed! *laughs* (Guy: He should watch more tv! His English is as bad as my Spanish!)

6) What is your favourite memory from the 2011 season? 

            Racing at the St Raymond 500 with teammate/Captain G-Rocks. It was the first race of the year and it was super fun.

7) Guy said one of his biggest mistakes when he was your age is that he was only focussed on being #1 in Canada, not the world. Do you have plans for racing internationally? GNCCs in the US or the ISDE?

IMGP2466            If 2012 goes really well I would like to try to go down and do the full GNCC series in 2013. I'd also be open to participating in the 2013 ISDE; I'd like to see how far I can go in this sport.

Anyone you'd like to thank for the 2011 season?

            Yeah, I'd like to thank G-Rocks for taking me out west, and for mentoring me, and of course my mom and dad, and all our sponsors: Husqvarna, MotoVan, Rekluse, Ogio, Xtreme Gear, Oakley Goggles, Leo Vince, Dunlop Tires, Lime Nine graphics, Uni air filters, TM Design Works, GPR Stabilizers, Enduro Engineering, DID Chains, Motul, Matrix Concepts, IMS, AS, GoPro, SuperSprox and TXC Boots.

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