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Written by  on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 04:15

                The movie that started a new trend in off road films, juxtaposing enduro and moto riders, show casing the best of the best: Moto the Movie. It's been a while, but in the cold winter months it's worth a second watch while we wait for the snow to melt so we can ride.

                It starts off pretty simple, "Some people call it a hobby..." followed by an idyllic assessment of what makes a good day by Trey Canard, still on his little bike. I can't say enough how much I enjoy watching Canard ride, and how sad I am that he, and Morais, are out right now. Injuries are far too common in our sport, but it's comforting to know that they are both recovering.

                But back to the movie...

                The film is a few years old; the first of three "Moto" films (so far) from the Assignment film company. Released in 2010 the film features Trey Canard, Nathan Woods, Antonio Cairoli, Chad Reed, Mike Madson, Adam Jones, David Philippaerts, Jessie Nelson, Steve Haughelstine, Geoff Aaron and Taddy Blazuziak, just to name a few.

                Following Canard's red dirt rodeo moto is Nathan Woods, a hugely popular and talented WORCs rider who was known for his love of the gnarly stuff. Woods is the reason why I chose this film to review this week. It's been just over a year since the off road community lost one of the great riders. In January 2011 Woods passed a way as a result of injuries sustained during practice.

                Woods' views, as expressed in Moto: the Movie, explain why so many riders love the "hybrid" racing which combines the fast paced moto style speed with a gnarly, dirty, downright nasty side of enduro thrown in. He was well spoken, with some good thoughts on the sport, and man could that man rip on a dirt bike.

                While retrospectively, watching this for the first time in over 12 months, I find Nathan Woods' segment one of my favourite, and yes, naturally I'm drawn to the off road stuff, I'm pretty sure my favourite segment originally was probably either the second free riding segment or the segment featuring the extreme enduro, an always hard to define category.

                There are some spot on definitions of what extreme enduro is, along with some great video footage. "That's what we live for, the adrenaline; once that kicks in you you forget about the up hills and the down hills." - Greg Evans, an extreme enduro rider describing his view.

                Just for run, look for #118 on a Husqvarna and #7 on a KTM in the EnduroX section; Canadians Cory Graffunder (#118) and Bobby Prochnau (#7) have been proudly representing the maple leaf in the EnduroX series for three years now, with growing success.

                It's a great film, sentimentality aside. The music meshes well with the sounds of four strokes, and the odd two stroke, ripping it up in all kinds of terrain. It has a little bit of everything. There's awesome AMA and FIM Moto, there's Geoff Aaron and Taddy representing extreme enduro, there's wicked WORCS racing, even some playful free riding. Really, it has it all. Geoff Aaron also shows off some sick trials skills; the things he can do on a bike boggle the mind!

                "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." - Immortal words from Nathan Woods.  

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