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Man and Machine: The Evolution of Enduro

Written by  on Thursday, 22 March 2012 12:58

                It's the newest addition to the Throttle Entertainment line up, Man and Machine unites all of the big five enduros, as well as features the two new extreme events, Xtinction (Canada) and Extreme Lagares (Portugal). The "classic" races include Hell's Gate in Italy, The Tough One in the UK, Erzbergrodeo in Austria, Red Bull Romaniacs in Romania and the Roof of Africa, which takes place in the small country of Lesotho.

                For those of you who are still unacquainted with the world of extreme enduro the five events listed above are part of the loosely associated "series" of extreme enduros. This isn't like previews movies in that it covers a lot more "behind the scenes" stuff than previous movies did. We get to hear the organizers, and participants, talk about the event as an event, which I think is pretty cool.

                It doesn't have as much racing in it as previous Throttle flicks, but it still has plenty of action and the 10 to 15 minutes spent on Xtinction was well worth the wait, in my opinion. I had the chance to watch that particular part with two time participant Wojo, who summed it up quite nicely: "On the screen there, it doesn't look that hard... It is much harder than it looks."

                If that's how hard Xtinction was, and really yes, it was much harder than it looked on screen (and I didn't even ride!) how hard are the events that look hard?

                After watching this film I had a whole new respect for the organizers behind the events I love watching so much. It's not a film that is gonna get you pumped to go riding, like What !f? or a TGO movie, but it is going to inspire you to get out there and ride, and possibly show a little more respect for the people who put on all of the races and events you participate in and watch.

                In short: Definitely worth buying.  

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