MX Ranking 2012 Ontario Motocross Dealer Championship

MX Ranking 2012 Ontario Motocross Dealer Championship

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Winning is easy, just race!

Get ready for the most exciting Motocross Championship in Ontario History!

The 2012 Ontario Motocross Dealer Championship was created to recognize and reward riders just for racing! It doesn’t matter if you’re a top professional, or weekend warrior just out having fun. Every rider has the chance to win!

Simply post your overall results from each class you race at any of the over 100 events in Ontario this season to earn MXRanking National Points in one of the eight MXRanking ability levels. The more events you race and the more classes you enter the better your chances to win big!
•    Pro/Expert
•    Intermediate/Amateur
•    Novice/Junior
•    Vet
•    Ladies
•    85cc
•    65cc
•    50cc

Hundreds of Awards
•    10 Championship Rings
•    Over 80 Championship Plates recognizing the top 10 riders in each ability level.
•    Top Ten Overall Points
•    Top Ten Overall Races

Hundreds of Prizes from over 20 Ontario Motocross Dealers!
•    Tires, Gear, Parts, Service, Accessories, and more!

Weekly and Monthly HighRANK Contingency
•    Earn the most points each week or month for great discounts on the products and services you need to be a champion!

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